9 Secrets to Make your Hair Rain-ready

9 Secrets to Make your Hair Rain-ready

It’s raining and the weather looks lovely but is this season making your hair look dull? Feeling greasy scalp or facing hair loss? Make your hair rain-ready with these wonderful and simple hacks! With the onset of monsoon, we all experience a spurt in hair fall, the primary reason for this is increased humidity, which can leave the scalp feeling oily. This season can make your hair frizzy and brittle and can also cause fungal infections. 


Here are some quick, easy and comforting tips which can make your hair stronger, feel luscious and be monsoon ready! Read on for hacks on avoiding hair fall and indispensable hair care products which will help you this season.

  1. Oiling Helps:

Regular massaging of the scalp and hair with oil, can improve blood flow and also hydrate your hair strands. It also helps retain essential oil and nourishment required for strong and lustrous hair and thus avoiding hair fall. One of the most useful tips is to oil your hair at least twice a week. Doing this gives your hair new life and prevents it from being greasy. Another tip is to wrap your hair with a warm towel or steam them post-oiling. This makes it easier for the nourishment and moisture in the oil to go to your roots, sealing in the health of your hair.

  1. Shampoo it Away!

If hair remains wet for a long time due to drenching in rain it can cause your scalp to feel oilier, and greasy and cause dandruff which can eventually lead to hair fall. One of the best ways to avoid this is to use a good hair fall control shampoo such as Aayuttva Onion Shampoo every time your hair gets wet in rainwater. In case of time constraints, a quick hack is to dry your hair immediately using a hair dryer after getting wet. Using dry shampoo after hair drying also helps keep good scalp health.

  1. Weatherproof your Hair:

Most of us love to get drenched when it rains. While rainwater is supposed to be uncontaminated, during its downpour, it comes in contact with atmospheric pollutants which often make it acidic and this becomes a prime reason for hair fall, and greasy and smelly hair. One of the best possible ways to avoid this is to wear a proper head accessory. One must consider using waterproof caps and of course umbrellas and raincoats for protection against rainwater.


  1. Style with Ease and Care:

Hair styling makes one feel pepped up and uber-cool. Styling hair with tools is very common these days to cover up bad hair days! However, your hair may get staticky as a result of heat styling equipment and as you are probably aware, electricity and rain interact chemically this can be one of the biggest reasons for experiencing hair fall. Heat styling tools, if used regularly, may leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. Nevertheless, if you can’t do without hair styling, it is mandatory to use a hair protective serum-like Aayuttva Castor soybean and olive serum to prevent uncontrolled hair fall.

  1. Never Tie Hair when Wet:

More than often when we are not rain-ready and get wet, the rainwater leaves our hair feeling frizzy. With no handy option to dry our hair it feels messy and in the quest, to retain a better look we tend to tie wet hair! However, it’s a lesser-known fact that tying up wet hair can only cause them to become smelly, and flaky. This usually results in hair fall as hair is more prone to damage when wet. The simple way to avoid this is to leave your hair untied. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

  1. It's Spa time!

We often associate hair spas with luxury and therefore find them unnecessary. But spa treatments can prevent hair damage and severe hair loss by providing your hair and roots with the nutrition they need. Additionally, a spa treatment is quite beneficial if you have coloured your hair or had it chemically treated in any way.

  1. Condition for good hair:

During monsoon, increased humidity in the atmosphere causes hydrogen bonds to develop in hair resulting in unruly hair. This frizz can be a pain to manage and might also cause hair damage and hair fall. One solution for this would be using a good conditioner like Aayuttva Bhringraj and olive conditioner after shampooing. As an alternative one can also try dry conditioners because only proper hair conditioning can restore your hair health.

  1. Serum:

To avoid damaged hair one big hack is to use the right serum. Serums not only offer your hair the right amount of moisture and manageability, but they also give you a stylish appearance and fragrant hair. We suggest using Aayuttva Castor soybean and olive serum which is best suited for every kind of hair texture. Its unique ayurvedic composition nourishes hair, ensures frizz control, and reduces hair fall.

  1. Eat Healthy:

Your diet and water intake have a significant impact on the quality of your scalp and hair. Consumption of junk food can make your hair greasier, which reflects an increase in oil on your scalp. Another reason for odorous and malnourished hair is lack of water consumption. Therefore, eating well and drinking adequate water is very important for good hair.



It may be difficult but not impossible to follow these amazing hair hacks this season. You can achieve the healthy and shiny hair you desire by making a little more effort. The brand-new Aayuttva has been developed by our experts using ayurvedic products based on natural herbs which is the ideal remedy for lovely, healthy hair.

Use Aayuttva ayurvedic hair care products, which are made from organic and natural herbs and feel confident about healthier and strong hair. Withstanding the rain this monsoon, get the flawless hair you've always wanted!

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