Benefits of a Deep Conditioner

Benefits of a Deep Conditioner

How does Rapunzel has got such beautiful hair? Most of us shampoo our hair at least twice a week followed by an expensive conditioner and adhere to strict hair oil regimes. You must have tried all the earthly possible DIYs at home, but your damaged hair still remains as tame as it was before. So, what should I do to get those gorgeous locks? Once in a while, your hair needs that extra step of deep conditioning to make it more lively. So, dive into this article to learn about the benefits of deep conditioners.


  • What is a deep conditioner?

A deep conditioner is thicker than a regular conditioner and is packed with humectants and emollients which are specifically made to strengthen, repair, hydrate, and soften your hair with time when used regularly. Hair types such as curly, oily, and wavy are prone to extreme friskiness and remain damaged when left unconditioned for a longer period of time.


  • What is the difference between a normal conditioner and a deep conditioner?

Normal conditioners strengthen your hair only from the surface, but deep conditioners strengthen your hair from the cuticles.

For conditioners, you only need to wait only for 5 minutes, but for deep conditioners, you need to wait at least 30- 45 minutes.

The results obtained from a regular conditioner last only for the initial few days of post-application; on the other hand, the results last up to a week after applying a deep conditioner

Usual conditioners are thin in consistency like shampoo, whereas the deep conditioners are thicker in consistency


  • How to deep conditioning at home effectively?

Got no time to go to spas for the deep conditioning treatment? Hey, don’t worry. We have explained the entire process in four easy steps to avail yourself benefits of a deep conditioner at home.

  • Step 1 - Selecting the right deep conditioner:

Selecting the right deep conditioner based on your hair type is a crucial step. After shampooing your hair, now take a generous amount of your favorite deep conditioner on your palms. Apply it to your wet hair by dividing it into multiple sections evenly. Applying it to the wet hair helps the detangling and absorption easier.

  • Step 2 – Using wide-toothed comb:

Now get your wide-toothed comb from your cupboard to rock and roll. Detangle each section till the roots and twist them over to prevent your hair from tangling up again.

  • Step 3 - Veil your hair with a plastic cap:

Veil your hair with a plastic cap or under a wrap, and then sit under the steamer or you can just blow dry your hair from outside the cap for approximately 30- 45 minutes. This step is to ensure absorption to your hair cuticles. You can take a quick nap during this process or binge-watch your favorite web series on Netflix.

  • Step 4 - wash your hair:

Last but not the least, wash your hair with cold water to close the opened hair cuticles followed by regular styling.


So, what’s next? Result? Now you will find your hair softer, smoother, and feels like heaven. It is best advised to do this process at least 2- 4 times a month. But if you are someone who has got curly and dry hair, then deep conditioning once a week is a must.


  • What are the advantages of using a deep conditioner?

Here are the top five benefits of following a deep conditioning routine:

  • Hydrates your hair:

We drink 5 liters of water every day for glowing and healthy skin. Then what about hair? Similar to your skin, your hair also craves hydration. Hydration is important for the growth of the hair. That’s when deep conditioning plays an important role. Deep conditioning not just retains moisture to the hair cuticles but also treats chronic conditions like dandruff, hair fall, and much more.

Here’s a pro secret:

If you always preferred using natural hair products like Aayuttva which don’t contain harsh chemicals, processes like deep conditioning are like a cherry on top of the cake. You will see better results.

  • Repairs and prevents hair breakage:

We all frequently do blow drying, straightening, and coloring the hair which causes hair damage and leads to split ends. Deep conditioners like Aayuttva Bhringraj and olive conditioner  can restore and auto-set your hair into its natural form when used regularly.

  • Restores hair to shine from within:

Not everyone owns shiny hair naturally. Many of us need deep conditioners to do that incredible job easily. Deep conditioners work on the scalp to restore the shininess that you had once.

  • Contributes to long-lasting nourishment:

Did you know that deep conditioner contains all the necessary ingredients for healthy textured hair? It can provide nourishment to your damaged hair caused by the usage of  certain medications.

  • Increases hair elasticity:

Dull and frizzy hair is pretty much common these days. If you are not aware, then allow us to tell you that deep conditioning is the one-stop solution for all hair types which reduces dryness, split ends, and dandruff to a greater extent.


Some bonus tips for gorgeous hair:

  • Sleep tight:

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of regular 8 hours of quality sleep for your hair. When you rest like a sleeping beauty, your hair gets all the extra love that it requires to shine.

Always read the ingredients while buying hair care products:

Next time, whenever you hop into a convenience store, don’t miss the chance to read the ingredients that are in your deep conditioner. This habit will help you buy the right products which are free from harsh chemicals.

  • Deep conditioners show results only when practiced regularly:

You won’t get permanent results until you practice the healthy hair care regime regularly. It is always suggested to practice it consistently for better results. Consistency is the key.



Therefore, the benefits of a deep conditioner are a never-ending list. When practiced in the right way and regularly, one can easily reap the benefits of it.

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