Onion & it's Benefits for Your Hair

Onion & it's Benefits for Your Hair


Onions are nurtured and utilized around the planet. As a meal item, they are generally served cooked, as a vegetable, or as a portion of a ready savory dish, but they can furthermore be consumed raw or used to create pickles or chutneys. They are fragrant when chopped and include certain chemical essences which may annoy the eyes. But apart from its use as a meal ingredient, there is substantial proof that using onions for topical hair therapies can help with hair loss.

Magnifying further on this, here is everything you must know about applying onion oil to benefit your hair.


  • Properties of Onion: 
  • Onions belong to the genus Allium and are nearly connected to shallots, garlic and leeks. Most individuals gobble roughly 20 pounds of this aromatic vegetable annually, consuming them raw, pickled, cooked or powdered. There are multiple mixtures of onions to prefer, comprising yellow, white, red, purple, Vidalia and Spanish onions.
  • This vegetable encompasses various minerals, vitamins and potent plant compounds that have been indicated to facilitate health in multiple ways.
  • The therapeutic properties of onions have been acknowledged since ancient periods when they were utilized to deal with ailments like heart disease, headaches and mouth sores.


  • Benefits of Onion: 

Onion is known highly for serving benefits that are incredible for enhancing hair consistency as well as nurturing the scalp. The old-age treatments furthermore prove the advantages of using onion. 

  • Treats Hair Fall:

The hair fall might result from severe environmental conditions, anxiety or the build-up that’s been escorted by dandruff. Constant use of onion will stave off hair from falling as well as increase regrowth. Aayuttva onion hair oil is a recommended &  Ayurvedic key that has been tried and experimented with.

  • Reduces Thinning:

Rich in sulphur, onion can accomplish wonders to stave off split ends, breakage and thinning of hair. This occurs because sulphur can create bonds in your hair. That is needed for bolstering the strands.



  • Stops Premature Greying:

Specific enzymes present in onion can stave off complimentary radical harm in your hair, which enables postponing Premature greying. Premature greying is something you don't want, so this is your remedy.

  • Looks After the pH Statuses of your Scalp:

The key to healthy hair is a balanced and nourished scalp, and onion can enable conserving the pH status of your scalp. When pH status is at ease, so are your hair and everything related to their care.

  • Combats Bacterial Diseases:

Onion when applied on the scalp can assist prevent bacterial diseases, maintaining dandruff and itchiness at bay. Now say no to health diseases and hair diseases with Aayuttva Onion Oil.

  • Can be Utilised as A Natural Conditioner:

Using a conditioner while washing your hair can ensure that your shampoo does not damage your scalp or moisture. This is where onion can be utilised as a natural conditioner.

  • Enhances Hair Consistency:

Regular use of onion makes your tresses smooth, shiny, moisturized, and frizz-free! To get great consistency and wow hair, Aayuttva's Onion Oil is highly recommended.


  • How to Apply? 

Onion could be utilised in two ways, one as it is by itself & other by making and using it as a hot oil treatment. To use Aayuttva’s onion oil without warming it, take a few drops of refined onion oil in your palm and massage your scalp for at least 15-20 minutes. 

  • Be sure to be delicate with the anxiety and use a circular gesture to get the oil into the scalp truly. 
  • Leave the oil on your scalp for 3-4 hours and wash with a gentle Ayyutva Shampoo
  • Do this procedure twice a week for the best results.
  • While using onion oil as a hot treatment, mix it with a carrier oil, whether almond or olive, warm it to a lukewarm temperature and massage the scalp and your hair lengths. 
  • Conserve it overnight and wash it with sulphate-free & mild shampoo in the morning. 
  • Follow up with an Ayyutva Conditioner; repeat before each hair washes for pleasing, thick hair.



Onions are highly rich in nutrients like vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, and multiple other mixtures, the magnificence benefits of onions have been associated with healthier hair roots, rapid hair growth and an overall enhanced impression of your mane. When utilised in the form of an oil, this potent remedy can perform as a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant fungicidal, and antibacterial treatment for your scalp and mane.

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