Vitamins: Our hair's saviour!

Vitamins: Our hair's saviour!

Beyond mere proteins, our body needs a wide range of nutrients. Minerals, carbohydrates, calcium, proteins, zinc, and a long list of other nutrients are among the many types of nutrients. The same is true for vitamins for hair. Do you too struggle to understand the cause of hair-related issues that you are currently experiencing? You are, in fact, on the correct page. A, B, C, D, and E are some of the most crucial vitamins that hair requires. Before we understand their unique source and how they assist. Let's explore the significance of vitamins.


  • Significance of Vitamins:
  • There is no one vitamin that has been proven to be especially important for hair development, but all vitamins must be consumed in sufficient amounts. While only composed of proteins, hair nonetheless needs vitamins to stay strong and healthy.
  • Vitamin deficiency also contributes to a number of hair issues, including alopecia and hair loss. It is necessary to consume several vitamins from various sources. Overall, consuming all the vitamins contributes to good, healthy hair that has fewer problems. 
  • Some vitamins support your hair's overall structure, while others support the strength and elasticity of the hair. Yes, everyone wants their hair to be long and attractive, and to achieve this, their hair must be strong and healthy.
  • Similar to how your body requires the proper nutrition to stay healthy and strong. Similarly, your hair also requires them!


  • Vitamins Essential for Healthy Hair:

The vitamins listed below are essential for healthy hair and new hair growth.

  • Vitamin A:

If breakage is an issue that you are facing then you need to include Vit A. Our scalp produces oil that helps the hair from breaking or hair fall issues. Vit A helps in sebum production. Vit A prevents your hair from breaking and hair loss. Diets should include food items that include vit A such as carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, eggs, milk, etc. Cod liver oil is also a good source of Vit A. 

  • Vitamin B:

Well, deficiency of Vit B is a scarce aspect as it is mostly found in almost all nutritious food. Vit B is also known as Biotin. However, biotin helps in the growth / used in the treatment of hair loss. Many studies have proved that biotin works in the growth of hair and makes it healthy. Apart from this Vit B also helps in the formation of red blood cells (RBC) as it carries oxygen and the right nutrients to the hair follicles. The sources of Vit B are Leafy vegetables, Whole grains, Fish, Almonds, and any animal food ( you can also consume B12 supplements if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet)

  • Vitamin C:

Hair loss is not the only villain! Our hair needs a lot of nutrients other than just vitamins and proteins like iron, zinc, etc. There are free radicals that cause blockage and stop the growth of hair. Vit C prevents free radicals and produces a protein called ‘ Collagen’. Collagen helps in improving the structure of hair and nail both. Source: Any Citrus fruits, Grapes, Strawberries. Including these fruits in adequate amounts will surely do miracles!

  • Vitamin D:

A generous amount of hair falls and grows back! Yes, Vit D helps in the formation of new hair follicles on your scalp. Vit D helps in making your hair thicker, and stronger and protects it from falling out. Lack of Vit D can cause hair loss. The Best source of Vit D is Sun. The other food sources are Egg yolks, oily fish, Mushrooms, and Fortified cereals.

  • Vitamin E:

Vit E is needed the most as it enhances your hair even more! It helps in preventing premature greys, prevents the scalp from wear and tear, adds volume to your hair, gives shine to hair, and more. Vit E acts as an antioxidant that protects you from oxidative free radicals. The best source for Vit E is Nuts, Leafy vegetables, Peanut butter, Pumpkins, etc.


Conclusion: What happens if your hair does not get the right nutrients?

  • Hair Loss:

Just like the way you need proper food and nutrients to maintain your body in shape and be healthy. Similar to this, your hair requires proper nutrition to stay healthy. The most crucial component is vitamins since they hold your hair from the roots and stop it from falling out. Now, having thick, lustrous hair is a reality rather than a pipe dream.

  • Flattened Hair:

Although a balance of all vitamins along with Iron and Zinc are important, Vit B and Vit C are the most important vitamins for the growth of your hair. Having a balanced diet is the key! Thick, long, and healthy hair is achievable when you know the consequences.

  • Right Food:

No particular vitamins are mentioned for hair issues. In actuality, it will happen if all the nutrients are balanced. There are essential vitamins in foods like eggs, berries, almonds, leafy vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc. that will make it healthy. If you feel that any of these are lacking in your diet, add them right away.

  • Dry Hair:

It is not easy to deal with dry hair. Dry hair causes more breakage and split ends, making it flat and more to it. How do we stop our hair from drying? Well, you have understood about all the vitamins that are needed to make them strong but also using the right shampoo for your hair type is needed. Seeking a doctor to get the right type of shampoo also helps.

  • Pre-mature Greys:

There is no specific reason mentioned for premature greys. One of the most important reasons could be Genes. Lack of Vit B, Zinc, and Iron can also lead to pre-mature greys. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle can stop you from having grey hair. Including Amla (Indian gooseberry), Coconut oil, and Curry leaves can show the difference. 


It becomes simple to implement once you know what your hair requires more and what you should include in your diet. I sincerely hope that this site aids you in your quest to grow thick, gorgeous hair so you won't ever have to worry about it again!

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