About Aayuttva

On A Mission to fight Hair Problems using Ancient Ayurvedic Science


Due to modern life style Hair Fall Problem is very common and is on the rise. We believe that this problem can be solved if we use a solution which is based on ‘Din Charya’ (Daily routine) and the Ancient Ayurveda.

Aayuttva's co-founder, Dr Santosh Kumar is a passionate Ayurvedic doctor who practises medicine at his clinic located in the Varanasi (U.P.).

He has treated hair fall problem of many patients with the help of a unique recipe given in Ancient Ayurvedic Text Books like Bhavprakash, Charak Samhita.


After experimenting with many herbs he developed a very effective oil for hair Problem. Due to its effectiveness, it become famous within a short period of time. Our Products does not focus only on outer beauty of Hair. They make Hair beautiful and healthy from inside and outside.

Our Products are 98-99% pure herbs and oils. No extracts or Mineral oil is used. Our Certified Ayurvedic products are not cosmetic. They are Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine that are effective against today’s hair problems. Aayuttva Products are clinically proven to be effective against hair fall, hair growth, dandruff, premature greying, thinning, and hair damage.